Buying Guides: Where To Buy CBD Cream Near Me

Buying Guides: Where To Buy CBD Cream Near Me

Where to Buy CBD Cream Near Me?

CBD creams and topicals provide a host of benefits, from reducing inflammation and hydrating the skin to soothing sore muscles and easing stress. Even if you’re already aware of the benefits of CBD, you may still have some questions about buying CBD products. Many consumers ask themselves, “Can I buy CBD cream near me, or should I purchase my CBD topicals online?” Another common source of confusion is the legal status of CBD cream and other hemp-derived products.

We’ve put together this guide so that you can legally source the highest-quality CBD creams and topicals.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 compounds in hemp plants called cannabinoids. CBD and other cannabinoids stimulate receptors in the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS helps our body maintain balance through a series of receptors that communicate with our neurotransmitters. The ECS aids the body in the regulation of several vital functions, such as:

  • Immunity
  • Metabolism
  • Memory
  • Body temperature
  • Moods
  • Sleep cycles
  • Inflammation
  • Fertility

Legal Issues Involving CBD Cream

In 2018, the United States Congress passed the Agriculture Improvement Act, which legalized hemp and hemp-derived products containing less than .3% delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the cannabinoid that produces the psychoactive effects characteristic of traditional cannabis. Legal hemp has far less THC to produce psychoactive effects.

State CBD Laws

While low-THC hemp products are federally legal, some states have passed more restrictive laws regarding CBD products. Most of the state regulations restrict food products, vaping oils, and smokable hemp flowers, so they won’t affect your ability to possess CBD creams and other topicals.

However, a few states have made all CBD products illegal despite the provisions laid out by the federal government. At the time of this writing, CBD products must contain zero THC to be legal in Idaho. Additionally, Idaho law mandates that CBD products must be derived from hemp stalks or seeds. Since CBD and other cannabinoids come from hemp flowers, the law makes CBD products essentially illegal in Idaho.

CBD and cannabis laws are changing rapidly, and a lack of full regulation by the FDA has complicated matters. We suggest that you consult your state laws before you buy CBD products.

Traveling with CBD Cream

Since the federal government legalized hemp-derived CBD products, the TSA now allows passengers to travel with CBD cream as long as it contains less than .3% THC. However, international passengers should check with their airlines to make sure hemp-derived CBD topicals are permitted in the country they’re visiting. We recommend that you always keep Certificates of Analysis with your CBD products when you travel.

Disclaimer: This information is presented for informational purposes only and is not intended to substitute for professional legal advice.

Pros and Cons of Buying CBD Cream Near Me

Now that we’ve discussed some of the legal ramifications of buying CBD, let’s examine the pros and cons of buying CBD locally.

Pros of Buying CBD Cream Near Me

If you live close to a shop that carries CBD products, it might be more convenient to buy CBD cream near you. You can take it home immediately, and you won’t have to wait for your CBD cream to be shipped through the mail. When you find a local CBD product that you like, you can always drop by the store and buy more.

The ability to return the product is another consideration when you buy CBD cream near you. It may be easier to return a product to a local store instead of shipping it back to an online vendor. However, many local shops have no-return policies, so you may want to check the store’s returns policy before making your purchase.

Cons of Buying CBD Cream Near Me

One of the biggest challenges of buying CBD locally is the lack of selection. Most shops can’t afford to stock a vast array of products and will only offer a few CBD creams to choose from. You can easily compare product features and prices when you buy CBD cream online.

Another drawback of buying CBD cream in brick-and-mortar stores is the quality. Many shops carry weak CBD creams or products that contain synthetic ingredients and use shady extraction methods. Some shop owners and employees don’t know enough about the products to inform you, especially if the store doesn’t specialize in CBD products. Always ask to see the product’s Certificate of Analysis before you buy CBD cream near you. Reputable online CBD vendors display the product’s lab results on their websites. You’ll also be able to read customer reviews on websites that sell CBD topicals.

Buying CBD cream locally usually costs more. Often when you buy CBD cream online, you’re dealing directly with the manufacturer. This means you won’t be spending extra for the store’s mark-up in price. High-quality CBD vendors typically include standard shipping and offer satisfaction guarantees.

What to Know Before Buying CBD Cream

Whether you choose to buy CBD cream online or locally, you’ll want to find out a few things about the product you purchase.

How much CBD is in the cream?

CBD creams need to contain at least 8 milligrams of CBD per milliliter of lotion to be effective. Many CBD manufacturers, even some boutique brands, add the slightest amount of cannabidiol in their topicals. Ask to see the Certificate of Analysis to make sure that the cream you buy has enough CBD.

What type of CBD extract is in the cream?

CBD creams contain one of three different types of extracts: full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate. Most experts consider broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD more beneficial. Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD are whole-plant extracts that include all of the other compounds in hemp plants. CBD works with other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids to produce a therapeutic synergy called the entourage effect. 

CBD isolates only contain cannabidiol and don’t offer the benefit of the entourage effect. While inferior to the other two types, products containing CBD isolates may be a better choice for people who expect to be subjected to a drug screening. 

Broad-spectrum CBD offers the best of both worlds. Creams that contain broad-spectrum CBD have all of the beneficial compounds of hemp plants except the THC. Zero-THC broad-spectrum CBD creams allow consumers to take advantage of the entourage effect without worrying about THC building up in the body.

Has an unbiased third-party lab tested the CBD cream?

Consumers should always check the third-party Certificates of Analysis before buying any CBD product. Third-party lab results will give you essential information, such as:

  • The amount of CBD in the cream
  • The percentage of THC the product contains
  • Any contaminants like pesticides, microbiological organisms, heavy metals, or solvent residue

Consulting the product’s Certificate of Analysis is the most critical action to take before you buy CBD cream near you or online.

Is the CBD cream organic?

Hemp is a particularly efficient bioaccumulator, which means the plants absorb any chemical pesticides or fertilizers farmers use. You want to be certain that the CBD cream you choose has been certified organic by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Was the CBD cream ethically sourced?

Most consumers prefer to purchase products from companies aligned with their personal values. You can learn more about a CBD brand’s values and ingredient sources by checking the “About Us” page on the company’s website.

Does the CBD cream contain THC?

Full-spectrum CBD creams contain THC, although it’s less than the legal limit of .3%. Broad-spectrum CBD and CBD isolates are THC-free and well-suited for consumers who are concerned about psychoactive effects or may need to take a drug test. Additionally, some states and countries only permit possession of CBD products that contain zero THC.

How is the CBD shop’s reputation?

Before you choose a CBD supplier, you’ll want to find out about the vendor’s reputation. It’s a good idea to be able to answer a few critical questions before you buy a CBD cream or other CBD product, including:

  • Does the store offer a money-back guarantee?
  • Does the shop display Certificates of Analysis (COAs) for each product?
  • Does the store offer multiple payment options?
  • What testimonials can the vendor show you about the product or the customer service?
  • Does the store have a professional appearance and a fully-functioning website?
  • Have you visited several shops to compare prices and quality?

Most of these questions are easier to answer when you buy CBD cream online. You may have to do a little extra investigation when you buy CBD cream from a local vendor near you.

Where to Buy CBD Cream Near You?

The options for buying CBD cream near you vary depending on where you live. If you’re a resident of a state with more restrictive laws, your local options for buying CBD near you may be rather limited. People who live in rural areas may also find it challenging to locate a local source of CBD products.

CBD Cream at Smoke or Head Shops Near You

Local tobacco, vaping, or smoking accessory shops may sell CBD cream. Unfortunately, these types of stores generally carry inferior quality CBD topicals. Some even stock black-market CBD products, so you’ll want to be careful.

Buying CBD Cream at Local Cannabis Dispensaries

If you live in a state where medical or recreational cannabis is legal, your local dispensary is probably the best place to buy CBD cream near you. Dispensaries typically carry higher-end CBD products than corner stores and shops offer. Depending on the dispensary and your local laws, you may need a medical cannabis ID card to buy CBD cream at a dispensary near you.

Keep in mind that cannabis stores may contain CBD products that contain more than the federal limit of .3% THC. Ask the budtender to show you the laboratory analysis and point out the THC-content of the CBD cream.

CBD Cream at Boutiques and Specialty Stores Near You

Some boutiques and specialty stores sell CBD-infused topicals. While higher-end boutiques usually don’t carry black-market CBD products, they often stock pricey CBD creams that contain insufficient quantities of CBD. Check the manufacturer’s website before you buy CBD cream at a boutique near you.

Buying CBD Cream at a Health Food Store Near You

Local health food stores can be one of the best places to buy CBD cream near you. They may not have a wide selection of CBD products, but health food stores usually ensure that the items they stock are of decent quality.

As we’ve discussed earlier, always check the product’s third-party lab report before you buy CBD cream near you or online.

If you still have questions about buying CBD cream near you, feel free to contact us at Prince & Flower. Our customer support team is always happy to help.

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