Refund/Shipping Policy

90-Day Guarantee of Satisfaction

We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase and your results or we will give you a full refund.  

  1. No questions if you decide you want a refund.
  2. Try it for 90 days.  If you are unsatisfied at any time during this period you get your money back.
  3. No calling for an “RMA” number or any other silly limitations or requirements.
  4. Any free gifts you received with your order are yours to keep in the event you request a refund. A gift is our way of saying thanks for giving Prince & Flower a try, and we won’t make you send it back.
  5. We take refund requests VERY seriously, which means we will process your refund with the same urgency and quick service that we give to product orders.
  6. Bottom line… if you aren’t satisfied within 90 days, we won’t keep your money. We’ll refund your total purchase price.

Here are 4 Steps to a Fast, No Questions, Refund:

  1. To ensure a quick and correct refund to your original payment method, please include your name, address and phone number inside the package along with your product.
  2. Mail your return back to our office or send us an email to  
  3. Be sure to add postage to your package. Your return package will not be delivered without postage.
  4. Returns address:                                                                             Prince & Flower: 215 S Rockford Dr Tempe, AZ 85281

Phone: 1-800-239-9155


Shipping Policy

Prince and Flower ships only to the United States and via USPS.  Orders should arrive within 2-5 days. 


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